Kangaroo Bluff Battery

Kangaroo Bluff Battery Kangaroo Bluff Battery historic site, was built in the 1880s to support the Queens Battery (located at the Domain in Hobart) and the Battery Point battery in protecting Hobart from enemy ships. The guns were never fired in anger and the atmospheric location is today a popular picnic site.

The construction of a battery on the eastern shore of the Derwent was considered as early as 1840, but it took an unscheduled visit by two Russian warships 1n 1873 to stir the authorities into action. However, construction didn't begin until 1881.

Two massive cannons arrived from England in 1882. Each cannon had an overall length of 20 feet and weighed about 14 tonnes. Residents of the eastern shore celebrated the firing of the first shot on 12 February 1885.

The entrance to the fort is located at the junction of Gunning Street and Fort Street, Bellerive.