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Clarence is growing!

To guide the future of our principal activity centre, Clarence City Council is developing a City Heart Plan. It will be a long-term shared vision and framework to shape a more liveable and vibrant city centre.

The project aims to bring together Rosny Park, Kangaroo Bay, Bellerive village, Rosny Parkland, Sheoak Point, Charles Hand Reserve and parts of Warrane into a connected and walkable activity hub with attractive destinations to visit and enjoy.

The project is being progressed in stages, with a round of community engage wiment undertaken in 2020 helping to shape the project scope described in the project outline.

In September 2022, MGS Architects were appointed to lead a consultant team that will work with community and stakeholders to identify the right mix of community infrastructure, open space, developments and initiatives to support an inclusive and thriving future for our growing community.

The City Heart Plan is being developed in 2022-2023 and there will be several opportunities for the community to be involved.

To learn more, please visit the Your Say Clarence website.