Health and Wellbeing

We have led a wide range of projects that aim to improve health and wellbeing through the guidance of the Community Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2018.

Policy and planning

Health and Wellbeing Plan

Our Community Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2018 provides strategic direction for us in the area of health and wellbeing.

The plan identifies a range of strategies and actions to be taken to strengthen and improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of our community.

Community Health Wellbeing Plan 2013-2018

Community Safety Plan

We have also developed a Community Safety Plan to guide actions and strategies towards a safer and more cohesive community.

Community Safety Plan 2016-2021

Graffiti Management Strategy

We have developed a Graffiti Management Strategy to tackle the issue of graffiti in Clarence.

Graffiti Management Strategy

Community Health and Wellbeing Advisory Committee (CHAWAC)

The CHAWAC is a group of people that provide advice on the implementation of the Community Health and Wellbeing Plan.

Internal Representatives on the committee include council officers from planning, environmental health, asset management, and community development. External representation on the committee is provided by Population Health Services, Tasmanian Health Service, Department of Communities, and the Heart Foundation.

In order to action the plan, CHAWAC has created three working groups:

  • Information/Communication Working Group
  • Health Promotion Working Group
  • Liveability/Environment Working Group

The working groups include additional representatives from the community, government and service organisations and meet regularly to further address key actions in the plan.

Projects and activities

In implementing the actions of the Community Health and Wellbeing Plan, we have developed a number of programs and activities responding to identified needs of the Clarence community.

Live Clarence

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Live Clarence covers the range of communication platforms for council’s health and wellbeing program.

Live Clarence website: 

You can keep in touch with information and activities through this website. This website is also available for community groups and providers to promote free or low-cost community activities that support health and wellbeing.

Social media

Follow Live Clarence on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and wellbeing reminders. Here you will find the I can/We do social media campaigns to promote the people and groups in Clarence that are active in improving health and wellbeing for others as well as themselves.


The Live Clarence e-newsletter provides information and updates about services, events and activities in Clarence. Subscribe to the e-news at the top of the Live Clarence home page.


You may find a Live Clarence information stall at an event near you.

Fitness in the Park

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We provide a free outdoor fitness program in some of our parks throughout the year. There are six sessions a week during our October – April program and a smaller program continues through winter.

Fitness in the Park Program October 2018 – April 2019

Group fitness sessions are for anyone… beginners, over 50s, mums and bubs, you name it! You can take it at your own level so come along and have a go!

Participants must:

  • Sign a waiver
  • Participate in a verbal medical screen and notify trainers of any injuries
  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Take water
  • Wear hats and sun-block when necessary
  • A towel or mat is handy for all sessions
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Mums with bubs participating in sessions must have had at least six weeks since birth.
Meeting Points

Due to our parks being refreshed throughout the year, meeting points may change, so please look for the flags on the day.


Bookings are not taken for the sessions, just come along.

All programmed sessions will run unless deemed unsafe due to extreme weather.


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Living Well in Clarence

This fun health and wellbeing expo is a collaborative project of the Tasmanian Health Service, the Neighbourhood Centres in Clarence, Rosny LINC and council. The event focuses on the many ways we can live well, including physical and mental health, food and nutrition, exercise, relaxation and the resources and services available for these in our community. The event has been held annually at Rosny Library on the first Saturday in November since 2011.

Christmas Brunch

Christmas can be a lonely time for many and our annual Christmas Brunch is a good way for people to connect up with others in the community at a time where they may feel at a loose end. This brunch, held on Christmas Day, is organised in partnership with the Clarence Salvation Army, and is supported by other local organisations and volunteers.

World Games Day

This biennial event is a multicultural celebration combining the worldwide love of sport with the sharing of culture through food, dance, and music. The next World Games Day is scheduled for 2019.

Harmony Day

We work in collaboration with the Networking for Harmony group to support Harmony Day activities in the City of Hobart.

Neighbour Day

We support Neighbour Day activities, encouraging residents to reach out to their neighbours and find ways to connect locally.

Healthier events toolkit

In partnership with the Public Health Service, we have developed a toolkit to inspire better, healthier and environmentally friendly events.

Planning a Better Event Toolkit


My Wellbeing Kit

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We have worked with a number of organisations including Population Health Services, Partners in Recovery, Mental Health Services, Mental Health Council of Tasmania, Flourish, and residents to produce a useful toolkit aimed at building resilience and helping people to identify how they can maintain their wellbeing.

The My Wellbeing Kit is a pocket-sized pack of 13 illustrated cards that helps people think about what they can do to keep their mental health on track.

Order a kit …




Help to Health

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Council is addressing community concerns with difficulties accessing health services, in particular general practitioners.

The Help to Health project was funded initially through Primary Health Tasmania, and is now supported by the Department of Health.

A range of local health and wellbeing organisations and services have joined us to improve the help residents receive from health services, and build resident’s knowledge and understanding of how the health system works.

Help to Health is working through a range of initiatives:

  • The Right Place – Working with services to be ‘the right place’ for people to find help
  • It’s OK to Ask – Helping people learn about the health system and how to get the help they need
  • Help to Health Friends – Supporting people to share health information with their friends family and contacts
  • Clarence Talks – Providing opportunities for people to learn more about health and wellbeing services and supports.

Oral Health project

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A significant proportion of hospital admissions of Clarence residents are related to complications with oral health.

We are working with Oral Health Services, Population Health Services, and the Tasmanian Health Service to improve oral health in residents.

This will involve a range of strategies including a social media campaign, promoting water as the drink of choice, improving access to water and promoting early dental checks.

Workplace health and wellbeing

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With employees spending around a third of their lives at work, we encourage workplace to invest in supporting the health and wellbeing of its staff.

For more information, check out the Simple Guide to Workplace Health and Wellbeing.

Heemskirk Community Garden

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We are working with the Warrane Mornington Neighbourhood Centre to establish a community garden on a piece of council land in Heemskirk Street, Warrane.

The garden is taking shape with a design plan in place. Volunteers and growers are needed to help grow the garden. If you’re interested in the project, please contact the Warrane Mornington Neighbourhood Centre.

One Community Together

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As part of our commitment to community safety, we are part of the One Community Together community change collaboration in Clarence Plains.

One Community Together was established in 2014 to create a community that is safe, attractive and passionate about the future.

The project is reliant on the involvement of residents and the alliance of organisations in the community – more involvement from interested people is always welcome. Get in touch through Facebook or the website.


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We are looking at the walkability of the city through two connected projects in partnership with the Department of Health, RMIT, and the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT).

A walkability audit of parts of Clarence has been conducted.

In addition to this, we are working on a more in-depth investigation of the walkability of specific areas in Clarence and looking at ways to incorporate ‘walkability’ into our strategic planning.