Clarence City Council tonight voted to approve the revised Skylands Masterplan.

Council will now undertake the development of a structure plan for the staged development of undeveloped land on the Tranmere – Rokeby – Droughty Point Peninsula, based on the Skylands Masterplan.

Clarence City Council Mayor, Brendan Blomeley, said Council will work with the community and the proponents to continue developing this plan to ensure a long-term, sustainable solution.

“Skylands is an exciting development for Tasmania, let alone Clarence,” Mayor Blomeley said.

“This development has the potential to be at the forefront of urban planning, and is a great opportunity for the City of Clarence.

“Developing a greenfield site of this size could allow for the absolute best practice in modern planning, creating connected communities and a better lifestyle.

“The Skylands Masterplan could deliver a style of living unlike anywhere else in Tasmania, and a national-leading example modern urban development.

“The Masterplan is transformational in its design, this new urbanism with walkable communities, breaking the mould of the 1970s-style urban sprawl Tasmania has experienced for decades.

“This plan delivers over seven-times the open space required of a development of this kind and there provides provisions for schools, shopping facilities and essential services.

“This is a development we need to keep with the growing demands of our city.

Council will undertake further community engagement activities to inform the development of the structure plan, and prepare information and fact sheets on the Skylands Masterplan which will be made available to the community.