Applications for the No Spray Register are open from 1-30 June each year.

Clarence City Council is responsible for the management of weeds and vegetation within its road reservations, which includes a combination of mowing, manual removal and herbicide spraying.

In rural and semi-rural areas, herbicide spraying is an integrated component of the Rural Verge Mowing Program, with spot spraying conducted around road fixtures.

In urban areas, herbicide spraying is used to manage undesirable vegetation for gutter, kerb and footpath maintenance. It may also be required in road reservations for environmental and declared weed management.

All herbicide spraying conducted next to roadways and in road reservations is done as spot spraying, either for individual weeds or around infrastructure. Council does not undertake broad scale spraying of road edges, drains or verges.

No Spray Register

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If residents do not want council to spray herbicides next to their property frontages, they can apply to be placed on the No Spray Register.

For those wishing to apply to be on the No Spray Register, please remember:

  • The No Spray Register only applies to property frontages of road reservations.
  • Property owners who apply to be placed on the No Spray Register must prepare a plan detailing how they intend to control the weeds and manage the vegetation themselves, as per Section 2.26 of the Code of Practice for Spraying in Public Places (DPIPWE 2014).
  • Applications are open for one month from 1-30 June.
  • Successful applicants will be added to the register for the period up to two years, expiring 30 June, whereby they must then renew their application.

Guidelines for maintaining 'No Spray Areas'

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Council will ensure that:

  • The approved no spray area in rural areas will be marked by two orange roadside markers (one at each end of area) at a height of 900mm above natural ground level and in line with property boundary; and in urban areas will be marked by two orange markers (one at each end of area) painted on the front face and on the top of the kerb and gutter.
  • Tenders and contracts for the spraying of road reservations will be required to acknowledge no spray zones and properties listed on the No Spray Register.
  • Council staff and contractors are made aware of and adhere to the No Spray Register as far as is reasonably practicable.

The applicant will:

  • Submit a plan for how they will manage the weeds and roadside vegetation using suitable alternatives to herbicide spraying as part of their application to be on the No Spray Register.
  • Control the weeds and roadside vegetation in the no spray area to at least the same standard that can be achieved by the council’s herbicide control method and the area shall be maintained at regular intervals.
  • Utilise suitable alternative non-chemical methods for managing weeds and vegetation including one of, or a combination of, the following: slashing, mowing, manual removal, steam or hot water treatment and use of organic herbicide.
  • Adhere to the laws, regulations and standards associated with undertaking works in a road reservation.
  • Ensure that any ‘no spray area’ markers are maintained in good condition and are clearly visible.

Adherence to the conditions of the No Spray Register:

If during an inspection of a ‘no spray area’ it is deemed that the area is not being maintained to an appropriate standard, the applicant will be advised in writing that the conditions of the No Spray Register need to be complied with. Failure to maintain a no spray area to an appropriate standard may result in the property being removed from the No Spray Register.

How to apply

Applications for the 2023-24 No Spray Register are now closed. 

Applications and renewals for the No Spray Register are open from 1-30 June each year. Once closed, council will review all entries and notify applicants if they have been successful.

You can apply or renew your registration by competing the online form below.


If you would prefer to complete a hard copy application, you can download the application form below.

The No Spray Register is managed through the endorsed No Spray Register Policy.