Community Halls, Centres & Sports Grounds for Hire

Accessibility information on the facilities listed below can be sourced through the relevant contact person.

Council managed community halls & centres

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To make a booking enquiry on the following facilities, please contact our Facilities Officer on 03 6217 9695 or email

Old Bellerive Library, 59 Cambridge Road, Bellerive

Capacity: 190

Facilities: Small kitchen

Note: Available for performances only

Cambridge Hall: 989 Cambridge Road, Cambridge

Capacity: 150

Facilities: Kitchen with stove, fridge, urn, tables, chairs approx. 40-50, small corner stage and separate car park

Bellerive Community Arts Centre: 15 Cambridge Road, Bellerive

Facilities: Small kitchen (tea making facilities only)

Note: Bookings only available for arts/crafts groups

Rokeby Community Centre:  85 Tollard Drive, Rokeby

Capacity: 150

Facilities: Small kitchen

Rokeby Trust Hall: 5 Church Street, Rokeby

Capacity: 93

Facilities: Small kitchen with stove, fridge, urn, tables, chairs approx. 30, separate car park

Tranmere Hall: 27 Tranmere Road, Howrah

Capacity: 150

Facilities: Small kitchen with stove, fridge, urn, tables, chairs approx. 25, separate car park

Lewis Park Hall: 21 Surf Road, Seven Mile Beach

Capacity: 33

Facilities: Very small kitchen with stove, jug, table, chairs approx. 10. No internal toilets. Public toilets in the park are wheelchair accessible.

Sandford Hall: 949 South Arm Road, Sandford

Capacity: 150

Facilities: Kitchen with stove, fridge, urn, tables, chairs approx. 50, separate car park

Lauderdale Hall: 528A South Arm Road, Lauderdale

Capacity: 180

Facilities: Small kitchen with, stove, fridge, urn, trestle tables, chairs approx. 40-50, separate car park

Richmond Hall

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Richmond Hall: 54 Bridge Street, Richmond

Capacity: 125

Facilities: Kitchen, supper room

Bookings: Richmond Post Office 03 6260 2260

Facilities managed by committees

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Lindisfarne Community Activities Centre: 37A Lincoln Street, Lindisfarne

Capacity: 180

Bookings: 03 6243 5810 or email:

Geilston Bay Community Centre: 34 Debomford Lane, Geilston Bay

Capacity: 60

Bookings: 03 6277 5916

Risdon Vale Hall: 28 Sugarloaf Road, Risdon Vale

Capacity: 380

Bookings: 03 6243 6052

South Arm Calverton Hall: 21 Harmony Lane, South Arm

Capacity: 100

Bookings: 03 6239 9141

Alma’s Activities Centre Clarence: 17 Alma Street, Bellerive

Capacity: 240

Bookings: 03 6244 4264 or email:

Howrah Community Centre: 11 Howrah Road, Howrah

Capacity: 350

Bookings: 03 6247 7711 or email:

Sportsgrounds for hire

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Below is a list of the sportsgrounds that we manage. Any sporting groups, clubs or organised training groups wanting to use these facilities need to contact us to obtain a permit on 03 6217 9695.

  • Cambridge Memorial Oval: 1000 Cambridge Road, Cambridge
  • Cambridge New Soccer Ground: 1000 Cambridge Road, Cambridge
  • Clarendon Vale Oval: Goodwins Road, Clarendon Vale
  • Edgeworth Street: Corner of Edgeworth and Bligh Street, Warrane
  • Geilston Bay Ovals: East Derwent Highway, Geilston Bay
  • Kangaroo Bay Oval: Kangaroo Bay Drive, Bellerive
  • Lindisfarne Ovals: Lincoln Street, Lindisfarne
  • North Warrane Oval: 61 Bounty Street, Warrane
  • Risdon Vale Oval: Sugarloaf Road, Risdon Vale
  • Rokeby Village Green: Church Street, Rokeby
  • Wentworth Park Grounds: 165a Clarence Street, Howrah