Food business requirements

All businesses selling ‘potentially hazardous’ food, or food that is likely to become unsafe if not kept under temperature control, must be registered with us. Any food businesses that are selling food which is not potentially hazardous need only notify us that they are doing so.

Register a food business

To register a food business, complete and return the below form. Once we receive your form, our environmental health team will contact you regarding the registration process.

You must have a certificate of registration for a food business from us before you can commence selling potentially hazardous food.

Registration of food businesses expire on 30 June each year. We will send a renewal form to all existing food businesses in Clarence before this date.

Food business construction and renovation

The establishment of a new food business may be subject to approval from various council departments including planning, building, plumbing and/or environmental health. Environmental Health Services are required to assess and approve all plans for new food premises and alterations or extensions of existing food premises.

We recommend that owners, architects and builders contact our environmental health team on 03 6217 9570 in the initial stages of any proposal so we can discuss requirements of the relevant legislation with you. Doing so may save time and money at a later stage of the approval process.

Temporary food stalls

Anyone selling food at a temporary food stall where the food is likely to become unsafe if it is not kept under temperature control must register with us.

To register your temporary food stall, complete and return the below form. The form must be lodged two weeks before the event. The form includes information about minimum food handling requirements which you are obliged to follow.

Mobile food businesses

A mobile food business is a food business that operates from a mobile structure.

The term mobile structure is defined in the Food Act 2003 as: ‘A vehicle, trailer, cart, tent, stall booth, pontoon, table, barbeque, pizza oven, or other mobile structure, that is not permanently fixed to the whole, or part, of a building, structure or land, in, at or  from which food is, or is intended to be, handled or sold.’

Detailed guidelines for the operation of a mobile food business are available from the Department of Health and Human Services.We also have copies that can be forwarded to you on request.

You can choose to apply for state-wide registration by registering with your local council. This registration needs to be renewed annually.

If you only want to operate an occasional fundraising stall or a food stall at a school fair etc., then a one-off temporary registration is required.

To register your mobile food business, complete and return the appropriate form below.

Food handler training

We provide regular free food handler training sessions for food businesses in Clarence. Invitations are sent to all food businesses before these workshops. Feel free to contact council if you would like further details.

Completion of the Clarence online food safety training, I’m Alert program is recommended. This free training will assist food handlers in developing the required skills and knowledge to ensure food is handled in a safe and hygienic manner. A training acknowledgement form can be printed upon completion and be kept as a part of your staff records.

Clarence online food safety training portal

Department of Health and Human Services

Public and Environmental Health Services at the Department of Health and Human Services help ensure food made, sold or consumed in Tasmania is safe by regulating and monitoring food safety with local councils and other government departments. They also develop, implement and advise on food safety policy and legislation, and coordinate food incidents such as recalls and outbreaks of food borne disease.

For more information on food safety for consumers, food businesses and auditors, as well as links to other related sites, visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.


Visit Food Standards Australia New Zealand for nationally recognised examples of templates that you can utilise within your business. The templates include supplier details, food receipt, cooling food, temperature record sheet, cleaning and sanitising procedure and cleaning and sanitising record sheets.  If you have difficulty accessing the templates, please contact our Environmental Health team for assistance.