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Please note you must type your unit and/or street number in first followed by your street name in order for the search function to return results, then click the correct address from the drop list that appears.

Download your 2024 Printable Waste Calendar here

Please note: Your collection calendar area may differ from your actual suburb name. If you are unsure, please call council on 03 6217 9500.

Non-service areas

Unfortunately there are some properties in Clarence that council does not provide a waste collection service for. Some or all properties on the following streets may be affected by this. To find out if your property is eligible for a waste collection service, please call us on 03 6217 9500.

  • Cambridge: Denholms Road and Hanslows Road
  • Campania: Tea Tree Road and White Kangaroo Road
  • Clifton Beach: Thompson Way
  • Dulcot: Boldrewood Court
  • Mt Rumney: Mt Rumney Road
  • Orielton: We do not collect a section of Fingerpost Road from (and including) Logie Farm Road to Tasman Highway
  • Otago: Murtons Road
  • Richmond: Cold Blow Road, Marengo Road and Middle Tea Tree Road

The reasons for the non-provision of a waste collection service to properties on these streets varies from site to site and any prospective buyers are encouraged to contact us to find out if waste collection services are provided to particular properties or not.

Please note that in an effort to encourage recycling, properties where a general waste collection service is not provided arrangements have been made where recycling may be taken to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station at council’s expense. Property owners will need to quote address details when visiting the site with recycling materials. This does not apply for general or green waste disposal where the standard charges will apply.