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Clarence Interim Planning Scheme 2015

Clarence Interim Planning Scheme 2015

The planning scheme may be amended from time to time by council or through a private application. If you are considering submitting a planning scheme amendment we recommend talking to one of our planning officers first, as it can be a lengthy and expensive process, which is subject to a broad range of considerations, including consistency with the Southern Tasmanian Regional Land Use Strategy Plan.

When an application for a planning scheme amendment is made, we must determine whether or not to initiate and certify the draft amendment under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993. If initiated and certified, the draft amendment will be advertised for public consultation.  Any representations received are considered by council and a report forwarded to the Tasmanian Planning Commission. The Tasmanian Planning Commission may or may not hold a hearing on the draft amendment, before determining the outcome.

The scheme will be replaced by the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Tasmanian Planning Scheme

State Planning Provisions

The State Planning Provisions include the administrative, zone and code provisions and the requirements for Local Provision Schedules that are to apply in the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. Although the State Planning Provisions came into effect on 2 March 2017 as part of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, they will have no practical effect until a local provision schedule is in effect in a municipal area. More information on the State Planning Provisions can be accessed through the Tasmanian Planning Commission website and the Tasmanian Planning Reform website.

Clarence Local Provision Schedule

Local Provision Schedules are intended to apply the State Planning Provisions while meeting local needs and objectives. They include planning controls to accommodate unique locations such as universities and hospitals, as well as unique development conditions such as building height restrictions. To further meet their communities’ needs, councils are responsible for preparing their local provision schedules in consultation with local stakeholders and community members. Councils must submit their draft local provision schedules to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for consideration prior to the public exhibition and assessment process.

At is meeting on 7 May 2018 Clarence City Council endorsed the contents of the draft Clarence Local Provisions Schedule and it has now been submitted to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for its consideration. View a copy of the agenda, minutes and local provision schedule supporting report. While the reports are available for viewing, council is not seeking submissions at this time.

View the current status of the draft Clarence Local Provisions Schedule.

Amendments certified and pending determination

The following lists the draft planning scheme amendments certified by council and pending determination by the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

If you would like further information on an amendment please contact our city planning team on 03 6217 9550.

There are currently no listings.

Advertised amendments

The following table lists planning scheme amendments currently being advertised. You can confirm the details of an application at the Council Offices. You have 28 days from the date of the advertisement to lodge a representation with us (as per the representation expiry date). This must be done in writing and state the reasons why you support or object to the application. Your representation must be sent to PO Box 96, Rosny Park, Tasmania, 7018, or to clarence@ccc.tas.gov.au

Notification of recently approved amendments

The following amendments have been recently approved by the Tasmania Planning Commission. Details of the amendment and notification of the effective date is included in the notification.

There are currently no listings.