Community Event Requirements

We provide strategic direction for community events and are strongly committed to activities that generate participation across all sectors of the community and contribute to the cultural and economic life of Clarence.

We do this by:

  • Managing an annual program of festivals
  • Assisting community groups to manage events conducted within Clarence by:
    • Providing advice and support
    • Offering bi-annual community grants
    • Providing access to venues
    • Providing marketing assistance

Public events

A public event includes, but is not limited to, any performance, exhibition, circus, festival, food festival, pageant, regatta, sports event, dance and publicly advertised lecture, school picnic (separate form) or other similar entertainment. To hold a public event on council land the relevant form and information below will need to be submitted.

Public events on council land

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If you wish to hold an event on council land, including parks, reserves, beaches and/or roads, you are required to have permission from us.

To obtain permission, the first step is to complete and submit the Events on Council Land Application Form. 

If you are planning a school picnic on council land, you will need to complete and submit the School Picnic on Council Land Application Form.

This form will require you to upload:

  • Evidence that the activity organiser and participants are covered by public liability insurance for at least $20 million
  • A site plan. The site plan is to include:
    • Placement of all existing and temporary equipment proposed to be set up
    • Naming of included roads
    • For fun runs/cycle events/marches include the route the race is taking
    • Car park locations for participants, contractors, staff and public
    • All temporary structures (tents, marquees, toilets, bins, fencing, stages, signage)
    • Location of animals, food and beverage stalls, power, generators and water points
    • Google maps may be used for the site map providing you meet their acceptable use policy. It is acceptable to hand draw over the map.

NOTE: A minimum of eight weeks is required to complete the processing of the above information. For any event where over 1000 people or more will be present for two hours or more, a Place of Assembly Permit will be required, this can be found here (required two months prior to event).

As you proceed with event planning, please contact the environmental health team at council on 03 6217 9500 to discuss your event, this will determine if any other permits are required. You may also wish to have a look at the Planning a Better Event Toolkit that will guide you through event planning and provide some additional resources.

Please note that permits may incur a fee. See our Fee Schedule for more information.

Areas such as the Kangaroo Bay Skate Park stage, Simmons Park stage in Lindisfarne and the Bellerive Boardwalk stage are all available for hire subject to the event being suited to the venue. For more information, phone us on 03 6217 9500.

Public events on private land

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To hold a public event on private land, there may be a requirement for a planning permit.  You are encouraged to apply for a free preliminary planning assessment to determine whether planning approval is required or to identify any relevant issues.  To apply, please complete the below application form and return to

Request for preliminary planning assessment form

For any event where over 1000 people or more will be present for two hours or more, a Place of Assembly Permit will be required, this can be found here (required two months prior to event). If you are unsure of event numbers or think the event may gain higher than expected numbers, please contact the environmental health team at council on 03 6217 9500 to discuss your event.

If you intend to sell food at the event, It is the event organiser’s responsibility to ensure all food vans and mobile structures have a current certificate of registration for a food business from their local council, which will be valid in Clarence.  A food business can register for the sale of food at a one-off event by completing the form here.

For those planning an event on private land

Below are some useful points to consider when planning for an event, you may also wish to have a look at the Planning a Better Event Toolkit that will guide you through event planning and provide some additional resources. Note these are only a guide and does not cover all parts of running a private event.

Key points to consider for event planning:

  • Possible planning permit requirements.
  • Waste management.
  • Noise management.
  • An appropriate number of bathrooms for numbers attending the event.
  • Traffic management to and from the event as well as parking on the property.
  • If intending to sell food at the event, an application will need to be made to council for a temporary food business registration.
  • A liquor licence is required if trading or providing alcohol at the event.
  • Drinking water available onsite.
  • Event medical staff such as St John’s Ambulance.
  • Notifying the police and close neighbours of the event.
  • Risk management plans and event changes such as wet weather plans.

Useful information

Database of registered mobile food businesses

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We maintain a database of registered mobile food businesses for local events. This database is used to help in planning council events and is available to community groups who wish to source temporary food vendors.

If you offer a professional product in a clean and well-presented registered food van or mobile structure, please send details of your business to Clarence City Council, Environmental Health Officer, PO Box 96, Rosny Park TAS 7018 or email

Planning a sustainable and healthy event

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We have partnered with Public Health Services to create a useful toolkit to help event organisers in planning an event in the community that is more sustainable and healthier.

The Planning a Better Event Toolkit identifies key items to think about when planning an event, including ideas on healthy food options, sustainability, social inclusion, the physical environment and legal aspects.

Clarence City Council – Planning a better event

Best practice for marquees and gazebos

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Where a marquee or gazebo is installed for a temporary event it must be anchored or secured with appropriate fixings or bolts in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Where anchoring or fixing is not available, appropriate weights of 25kgs on each leg must be used for small gazebos. Larger structures may require substantially sized weights to ensure stability and safety. Weights should not cause a trip hazard, should be tethered with lines that are clearly visible, should have soft edges to avoid causing cuts and scrapes, should be securely attached and the corners of the tent cover should be attached to these weights and wherever possible the structure should also be pegged. We do not allow metal pegs to be put in the ground in parks due to the possibility of hitting irrigation lines.

In the event of strong winds, marquee covers should be taken down. Best practice is to cancel your event if winds are gusting over 50km per hour.

Smoke free required events

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Under the Public Health Act 1997, the Director of Public Health has the authority to designate classes of public events as smoke-free. A list of these events can be found on the Department of Health website:

To assist you in managing your public smoke free event, the Department of Health provides a range of resources including signage and smoke free event management plan templates.

Selling alcohol

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Liquor permits are required for the sale and consumption of alcohol at all public events. For more information visit the Department of Treasury and Finance – Liquor and Gaming

Please note that council reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol on council land.

Wild weather event cancellation

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The Bureau of Meteorology can predict if strong winds will hamper your event and it is good practice to have a cancellation policy in place particularly when temporary structures are involved. Check the Bureau of Meteorology website at