The Clarence Mountain Bike Park was officially opened in 2009 and is managed by Clarence City Council.

Located in the Meehan Range, the Clarence Mountain Bike Park extends from the Flagstaff Gully Link Road car park, along the northern side of the Tasman Highway to Belbins Road.

Council also has a licence agreement for the public to use tracks on a portion of Hanson land, located above the Flagstaff Gully Quarry.

The map to the right highlights in blue the areas in the Meehan Range that are managed by Clarence City Council. The remainder of the range is managed by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service.

A skills park close to the main car park offers a pump track and a variety of jumps and features. There is a choice of ride lines so riders can progress from the easy features to more advanced.

The trail network extends throughout the Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area and includes tracks for beginners (green), intermediate (blue) and advanced riders (black).

Ongoing projects

XC Loop modifications & extensions 

The upper section of the XC Climb was re-routed in February 2023, bypassing tight switchbacks that were not compliant with an IMBA green rating, and creating additional space for a new IMBA green flow track. The new IMBA green flow track is called Flow Monster and opened in July 2023.

It starts at the Tunnel Hill cutting at the bottom of K’s Choice and finishes at Grassy Valley trail hub by the concrete slab. It has been enthusiastically received by riders of all levels and abilities, with an average of 500 rides per day in the first few days it opened.

The old XC Descent remains but a couple of new berms have been constructed at the start and there are plans to extend it to the MacKillop Track, bypassing the rocky fire trail.






Dirt jumps

Feedback on consultation carried out in November 2020 identified a desire for additional and more advanced jumps as the original dirt jumps are degraded and worn and poorly located.

Consultation in October 2021 found a high level of support for a new gravity dirt jump line parallel to the Tasman Highway between the railway abutment and the skills park. The IMBA blue (intermediate) line will be constructed of prefabricated steel and timber ramps to minimise maintenance and provide consistent, rut-free ramps (similar to the ones used in the skills park), while the green jumps will be gentler soil mounds which can also be bypassed. The jumps will be more than double the distance of the existing dirt jumps. Work is expected to commence in early 2023. The old dirt jumps will be refurbished and be incorporated into the coaching area.






Green Climb in the Clarence Mountain Bike Park 

K’s Choice was constructed to provide an easier climb to the Skyline Fire Trail, but the lack of a green descent meant it had to be made bi-directional until a second IMBA green track could be constructed. Surprisingly K’s Choice has been popular with blue and black level riders so the intention is to turn it into a dedicated descending track if an alternative climb is approved.

Track consultants have identified two options for a green climbing track with a preferred alignment starting from the beginning of the XC loop to connect to the Skyline Fire Trail.  As the track would be located within the PWS Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area and pass through an area of protected Eucalyptus risdonii, there are extensive assessment processes that need to be undertaken and approval is not assured. These assessments are currently underway and we will provide updates here as the process progresses.

Grassy Valley coaching area by the slab

Consultation was carried out in November 2020 for a new coaching area at the concrete slab with more than 90 percent of respondents supporting the plan. The design was based around feedback from coaches and is aimed at beginners/novices so they can practice their skills without impeding more advanced riders. The Skills Park offers more progressions for skills development.

The coaching area will include a rhythm section, flow berms and drops. A mini version of the Flow Monster trail, called Wright Way, is part of the project. The area will be available for use by everyone and is expected to be ready in August 2023.

Any queries can be directed to the Tracks Planner Mary McParland at or 03 6217 9716.