Groundwater inspections

We are able to inspect issues with groundwater on your property. We ask that you investigate the following points before contacting us for assistance:

  1. Is the water present at all times regardless of whether or not there has been recent rain? If yes – please call TasWater on 13 69 92
  2. Is the water present only when it has been raining? If yes – please contact a plumber to check your own property and provide a possible drainage solution.
  3. Is the water run-off from another property? If yes, this is a civil matter and you will need to discuss this with the property owners in question.

If you have investigated the above points and the water is still unexplained, please then email or write council, providing information regarding the groundwater issues

Supporting information provided when you contact council, such as photos, or videos, greatly assist our team in prioritising inspections.

Please note that groundwater inspections incur a fee, once this fee has been paid and we can arrange an inspection. This amount will be refunded in full if the investigation finds that the water is from council infrastructure.