About Us

What does Clarence City Council provide to our residents and ratepayers…

What would our city be like without a waste and recycling collection, maintenance of council-owned roads and footpaths?

What if there were no playgrounds, local parks, tracks and trails, sportsground facilities or arts and events?

And, what if there were no town planning, community halls, youth or children’s services?

Every day we deliver these services plus many more to ensure Clarence is a great place to live and that our city is vibrant, prosperous and sustainable. Here is a snapshot of what we provide to our residents:

Roads and footpath maintenance | bushfire management | community, land and coastcare grants | multi-user pathways | animal management | development and planning services | community bus | community halls |parks, reserves and playgrounds | tracks and trails | environmental health programs | events | arts | culture and heritage | immunisation clinics | sportsgrounds and facilities | waste and recycling collection | skate parks | stormwater | health and wellbeing initiatives | age friendly initiatives | access initiatives | volunteer services | youth services and programs | childrens services | climate change | economic development initiatives

Our organisation

Our vision – Clarence…a vibrant, prosperous, sustainable city

Our mission – to respond to the needs of the community through a commitment to excellence in leadership, advocacy, best practice governance and service delivery.

Our purpose – to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the community; to represent the interests
of the community; to provide for the peace, order and good governance of the municipal area.

Strategic Plan 2021-3031

The City of Clarence Strategic Plan 2021-2031 identifies the opportunities to provide quality services and facilities to enrich the lifestyle of our community. The following goals have been established to drive the delivery of the plan:

  • A people friendly city – Clarence values diversity and encourages equity, inclusiveness and accessibility. We aspire to create high quality public places for all people to live actively, engage socially and enhance our health and wellbeing.
  • A well-planned liveable city – Clarence will be a well-planned liveable city with services and infrastructure to meet current and future needs of our growing and vibrant community.
  • A prosperous and creative city – Clarence encourages creativity, innovation and enterprise and will develop the local economy by enabling opportunities for all people.
  • An environmentally responsible city – Clarence is environmentally responsible, valuing and protecting the natural environment for a sustainable and liveable future.

Underpinning these goals, council will continue to provide leadership and governance of the city of Clarence, as well as effectively and efficiently managing our assets and resources.

The strategic plan is supported by sub-plans that relate to policy areas.

Annual Plan

The strategic plan gives direction to the preparation of council’s Annual Plan and budget each year. The Annual Plan identifies the services, projects and programs to be conducted in a given year and these are derived from the strategic plan.

To ensure accountability to deliver the outcomes of the Annual Plan and budget, we will report on achievements and progress. This is done in a variety of ways, including the Annual Report and Quarterly Reports to council.

Click on the link below for a copy of the 2022 – 2023 Annual Plan.

Previous annual plans can be found on the publications page of our website.