Seven Mile Beach Drainage

Low-lying parts of the Seven Mile Beach township, and the adjacent Royal Hobart Golf Club, experienced extended periods of flooding in about May-June of 2009, through to about late 2009.

The primary cause of the 2009 flooding in the township of Seven Mile Beach and the Royal Hobart Golf Club was unusually high rainfall, which generally raised the water table in the area, and in low lying parts, raised it above the ground surface. Such high rainfall had not been recorded for at least 35 years.

Flood events are likely to occur in the future, but it is not possible to predict the effects until the severity of a storm or subsequent flood is known.

In the long term, the frequency and severity of flooding could increase if sea level rises- since this will unavoidably raise the water table in the township and golf club.

Nothing can be done to reduce the likelihood of flood events recurring.

Further information can be found in the report below.

Groundwater Level Monitoring

Since the flooding events in 2009, we have regularly received groundwater level monitoring reports from William C Cromer Pty Ltd.

The purpose of this is to monitor the level of the groundwater in relation to the rainfall received and the effect of a ground water pump installed in the Eastern soak of the Royal Hobart Golf Club.

Council installed a pump in the eastern soak after investigations found a low running pump will benefit the nearby low lying area area by providing a buffer in the groundwater level prior to periods of sustained or high rainfall.