Climate Change

Climate change, coastal engineering and risk management

Since 2008 extensive consultative projects have been undertaken in response to concerns about erosion of beaches and flooding events in coastal areas. This work has been overseen by an Integrated Assessment Project Manager within Council and was supported by a steering committee with representatives of the Council and from Commonwealth and State Government agencies.

An over-arching integrated assessment of climate change risks on coastal areas was completed in 2009 and included:

  • consultation with community groups, institutions, state government agencies re their awareness and response to climate change issues
  • assessment of  localities and infrastructure which may be vulnerable to coastal hazards, both at present and into the future under anticipated sea-level rise
  • investigation of adaptive management options in response to present and future coastal hazards
  • preparation and execution of a communication plan to inform the community of the findings, initiate discussion about proposed responses and obtain feedback

Reports arising include:

Climate change coastal impacts and adaptation consultations and planning

Community and partner consultations have been extensive and strategic review and update of Coastal Policy and Planning is ongoing.

Monitoring of changes to Clarence coastal areas

Beach erosion and coastal changes are monitored closely by council officers, through local citizen science contributions (the Tasmanian Shoreline and Monitoring Project TASMARC) and by extensive annual aerial photogrammetric monitoring of Clarence shorelines.

The links below show examples of this monitoring from 2013 to 2017:

The results from the 2016-17 survey show an easing of the rate of shoreline retreat at the majority of study sites.

The 2014-15 photos reveal the continued establishment of incipient dunes and associated vegetation along many of the beaches continuing a partial stabilisation of the shorelines since the 2011 erosion event.