Official Witnesses and Signatures

We can assist if you need a signature from either a Justice of the Peace or a Commissioner for Declarations.

Commissioner for Declarations

Commissioners can do some of the same duties as a Justice of the Peace. They can witness signatures to documents, certify a true copy of an original document and take statutory declarations. They can not administer, take or receive either an oath, affidavit or affirmation, and they can not receive a complaint or issue a summons or a warrant.

If you need the service of a Commissioner of Declarations, visit Council Offices at 38 Bligh Street, Rosny Park.

Justice of the Peace

A Justice of the Peace (JP) acts as an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes like:

  • taking an affidavit for use in court
  • taking a statutory declaration
  • certifying a true copy of an original document
  • witnessing wills
  • witnessing applications for probate
  • certifying a person’s identity.

To find a Justice of the Peace click  on the following link – Tasmanian Justice of the Peace Society

There is a rostered JP on duty each Tuesday from 9.30am-4.00pm at the Service Tasmania Shop on Bligh St in Rosny Park (located next to Rosny Library).

A JP is usually available at Council Offices, although by making an appointment on 03 6217 9500 you will guarantee their availability and avoid delay.