Advertising - Tenders & Expressions of Interest

Advertising - Tenders & Expressions of Interest

Tenders & expressions of interest

In delivering services to the community and undertaking capital works, we approach the market for a range of services, such as supply of materials, consultancies and construction works.

We have policies and guidelines which govern this process and assist suppliers and service providers in submitting tenders and expressions of interest.

Contractor Induction Handbook

We are committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces for all workers, and to ensuring the safety of visitors and members of the public whilst on our premises, properties and facilities. The purpose of this handbook is to provide guidance in regard to work health and safety matters within council.

Information is of a general nature only and all contractors and workers are required to seek additional information and advice, where deemed necessary, in particular where specific policies and procedures are referenced and are relevant to your activities.

Code for Tenders and Contracts

Our Code for Tenders and Contracts provides details on the general principles and processes which we apply and follow in the course of procuring goods and services.

The code and its contents are statutory requirements of the Local Government Act 1993 (‘the Act’) and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 (‘the Regulations’).

The code has been developed as a transparent set of guidelines that we follow in order to comply with the principles relating to procurement which are required in the regulations.

The principles which we apply across the whole range of our procurement process are the promotion of:

  • Open and effective competition
  • Value for money
  • Enhancement of the capabilities of local business and industry
  • Ethical behaviour and fair dealing.

Multiple use register of contractors and service and equipment providers

We invite applications from contractors, tradespeople and plant and equipment providers for registration on our Multiple Use Register for the period January 2017 to December 2018.

Applications may be lodged throughout the period of the register.

Please note that the below forms are currently being updated and are still open for applications through 2019.

Tender/expressions of interest advertisements

Tenderers need to be aware of the requirements of our Code for Tenders and Contracts when preparing and submitting a tender or expression of interest response for consideration.

We use a set of standard drawings and specifications in our construction contracts. The drawings and specification provide instruction to contractors on standard elements of a design. They should not be used for any other purpose without seeking professional advice.