Strategic projects

Bellerive Public Pier project

Find out more about a project to construct a public pier at Victoria Esplanade in Bellerive.

Bellerive Public Pier

City Heart Project

A new vision is set to be created for the Clarence CBD and the surrounding areas. The City Heart Project is one of great importance bringing together Rosny, Kangaroo Bay and Bellerive. Council engaged Timmins Ray to undertake initial community consultation, view the full report below.

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Kangaroo Bay enhancement project

Read more about the Kangaroo Bay enhancement project which seeks to activate the area into significant precinct for residents and visitors.

Kangaroo Bay enhancement project

Roches Beach access

Find out more about the project to reinstate access to Roches Beach.

Roches Beach access

Seven Mile Beach Drainage

Find out more information about the Seven Mile Beach Drainage project.

Seven Mile Beach Drainage project

Rosny Park Urban Design Framework Consultation

Council has begun a project to deliver a long-term strategic direction for the Rosny Park area, in order to provide greater opportunities for businesses and service providers as well as an improved amenity for everyone who visits and uses the area. Community feedback is currently being reviewed before a full report is presented to council.

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Tranmere/Rokeby Peninsula Structure Plan

Council is undertaking a structure planning exercise for the sustainable growth of the Tranmere/Droughty Point/Rokeby peninsula and invite your participation and feedback.

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Recreation Needs Analysis

Find out more information about the Recreation Needs Analysis.

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