Kangaroo Bay is a significant location within the heart of the urban area of Clarence that has long been regarded by Council and the community as an undeveloped opportunity to provide a significant visitor and leisure destination and community focus for the City.

In 2004, the State Government and Council called for Expressions of Interest (EOI) in the development of land around the former ferry terminal. The EOI process was subsequently terminated as it did not produce a viable development proposal.

Factors identified as contributing to the failure of the EOI process was the lack of an overall masterplan for the area and issues in regard to access to the precinct.

In response, Council commissioned an extensive process of community and stakeholder consultation leading to the formal adoption of the Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy and Concept Plan (Masterplan) in 2008.

The Masterplan has provided the framework upon which to move forward in a planned manner and to meet the community expectation for progress. A number of components of the Masterplan were soon actioned, including the extension of the Bellerive boardwalk (incorporating a movable pedestrian bridge past the yacht club slipway) and construction of a section of foreshore promenade at the head of the bay.

Scheme amendments critical to implementing the Masterplan were approved by the Tasmanian Planning Commission in 2011, following further public consultation (statutory and non-statutory). The Kangaroo Bay Development Plan (DPO 11) established the zoning and planning provisions for the precinct, including an outline subdivision plan. The intent and provisions of DPO11 have been subsequently translated into Kangaroo Bay Particular Purpose Zone, 4 within the new format Clarence Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

A Rosny Park/Kangaroo Bay Traffic Management Plan was prepared which proposed full signalisation of the Bligh Street/Rosny Hill Road and Alma Street/Cambridge Road intersections, the closure of the Pembroke Place/Cambridge Road intersection, and connection of Pembroke Place and Alma Street to Kangaroo Bay Drive. These actions were verified by traffic intersection modelling undertaken in December 2012 and endorsed by Council in January 2013. The roadworks have since been completed and are now operational.

The precinct subdivision required to implement the Kangaroo Bay Development Plan (SD-2013/32) – creating the areas of public domain, new access and road lots, and also the development parcels – was approved by Council in October 2013, following statutory public consultation.

In March 2015, Council and the Tasmanian Government invited the submission of development proposals to activate the Kangaroo Bay development precinct. The land area offered for private freehold development comprised 2 parcels: the “Boulevard” site (13400m²) and the “Wharf” site (8900m²).

Following this tender process Hunter Developments was appointed as the preferred developer in May 2018.

Hunter Developments lodged their Development Application with council on 30 July 2020 and following provision of further information by Hunter and land owner consent by the General Manager.

A report was presented to a special council meeting for consideration by Aldermen sitting in their role as a planning authority on 8 November 2021.

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The Process Now

8 November 2021

The Development Application for a mixed use residential development at the proposed Kangaroo Bay Boulevard precinct was presented to a special council meeting on Monday 8 November 2021 and was approved. Council is now in contract negotiations.