Plumbing permits and approvals

Council provides plumbing approvals and inspections, stormwater infiltration and soakage inspections and advice on regulations.

There are certain types of plumbing work that must be undertaken with the required approvals and/or permits.

Before you undertake any plumbing work, we recommend that you determine what level of approval is required by consulting with a licenced plumber.

If you do need a plumbing permit from Council, or a Certificate of Likely Compliance (Plumbing) please read this information below.

Further information on regulations, plumbing permits and forms, visit the Department of Justice website (Tasmanian Government).

To lodge an application

A Certificate of Likely Compliance – Plumbing work and Permit application forms, can be found on the Department of Justice website.

Applications should be submitted electronically in PDF format and contain all relevant documents including the application forms and TasWater certification. A check list for what is required, can be found on the building application form.

You can send us your application via email to

You can also save the files on a CD and provide to us at Council Offices at 38 Bligh Street in Rosny Park. Please note, we will not accept applications on USB devices.

We will continue to accept applications in physical format up to an A3 size. However, we reserve the right to charge for applications submitted in larger paper sizes in accordance with our fee schedule. Where paper applications are submitted, one copy of all of the relevant documents and application forms should be submitted for scanning.

Once the application has been assessed and approved, you will receive your plumbing permits and endorsed plans by either email or as a CD. You will need to indicate your preference on the application.

Council will not normally provide a stamped hard copy of the approved permit and documents. However, should you require a stamped hard copy; this may also be arranged but will incur an additional cost.

Plumbing plans

Plumbing applications must be prepared by a licensed designer or a plumber competent in designing the work being proposed.

Application fees

Application fees will be calculated after successful submission of your application in accordance with our 2023 – 2024 Fee Schedule.

Invoices will then be forwarded to the respective contact person/s.

After payment has been confirmed, your applications will be processed.

How long is a Certificate of Likely Compliance (Plumbing Work) valid for?

A Certificate of Likely Compliance (Plumbing Work) expires 12 months after it has been issued, as set out in the Building Act 2016.