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Road Management

We manage approximately 450kms of road networks in the municipality.

This includes:

  • 408km of sealed roads
  • 42km of gravel roads

The installation of any new traffic control devices such as speed humps, line marking and traffic signs requires the approval from the council or the state government.


Rural roadside maintenance

Rural roadside maintenance has an annual program scheduled to occur during the spring and summer growth period. We may need to alter schedules at times for a number of reasons, including responding to seasonal vegetation growth or prioritising higher risk areas.


We have a regular pothole inspection and repair schedule throughout the city. This involves inspecting every road segment. All faults are marked on site, the number of faults recorded and a works order raised for the repairs. A crew then attends all potholes on a suburb by suburb basis. Some faults require excavation and reinstatement, these repair are subject to machinery availability.

If you’ve seen a roadside that needs maintenance, please call us on 03 6217 9500.

Damage reporting

Council conducts a routine maintenance program on roads and footpaths (and in parks, gardens, tracks and cycleways).

However, if you see something that requires attention, please contact us by calling 03 6217 9500.


Vandalism should be the concern of all residents and ratepayers as the cost of repairing damage is borne by the community as a whole.

You can assist by reporting to Police any act of vandalism you see occurring and by reporting any damage to council property by calling us on 03 6217 9500.

State highways

There are several roads in Clarence that are the responsibility of the state government, including:

  • East Derwent Highway
  • Tasman Highway
  • Rokeby Road
  • South Arm Highway
  • South Arm Road
  • Flagstaff Gully Link Road(Tasman Highway interchange to Flagstaff Gully Road)
  • Richmond Road
  • Grasstree Hill Road
  • Cambridge Road (Tasman Highway interchange to Richmond Road)
  • Colebrook Road
  • Tea Tree Road
  • Fingerpost Road

Any inquiries regarding these highways should go directly to the state government at www.transport.tas.gov.au or by calling 1300 139 933.

You can view a map of state-owned roads.

Traffic signals

Operation and maintenance of traffic signals is the responsibility of the Department of State Growth (DSG) and any fault should be reported to the department by calling 1300 139 933 or emailing traffic.signals@stategrowth.tas.gov.au.

Crossovers and driveways

Council’s policy is to limit the crossover access points to a minimum and limit crossovers to one per dwelling. A second crossover may be considered in some circumstances but may subject to the planning application.

Access to driveways over kerbs and gutters, footpaths and nature strips is the responsibility of the property owner, from the edge of the roadway bitumen to the property boundary. If properties share a driveway they share joint responsibility for the driveway.

If you wish to undertake any minor works on your nature strip, including driveway works, you will require the approval of council. All private works on nature strips require the property owner to complete sections of the Application to undertake works in or affecting a highway form, and a permit is issued only after this application has been signed by an authorised officer of council.


Streetlights in Clarence are maintained by TasNetworks on behalf of council.

Streetlights which are not working should first be reported to us by calling 03 6217 9500, we will then notify TasNetworks to attend.

If possible please take note of the nearest address and the 6-digit number on the pole so that it can be easily identified.

Requests for modified or new streetlights should be made by calling 03 6217 9500 or emailing Clarence@ccc.tas.gov.au.