Bellerive Public Pier project

A public pier will be constructed at 14A Victoria Esplanade in Bellerive.

The public pier will be constructed at the junction of Cambridge Road and Victoria Esplanade near the former wharf, adjacent to the public car park. It will provide 24 hour access.

The pier will stretch 105m into the mouth of Kangaroo Bay and will include a 2.5m wide walkway with seating, lighting, and a navigation beacon at the end.

The pier will improve access for the public to the waterfront and also act as breakwater to reduce and provide protection from waves to Kangaroo Bay.

It will include protection for public moorings, the public boat ramp, the Bellerive Yacht Club marina and the existing boardwalk infrastructure.

It is expected that the construction of the public pier will take six months to complete once all conditions of the development application are met and Crown approval to start work is obtained.

The construction of a public pier follows a statutory public exhibition period and a community information session held in September 2017.

The public pier does not include a ferry terminal or boat berthing capability. Ferries will still however be able to berth at the existing ferry landing near the pier.

A copy of the council report on the public pier and breakwater can be found on our agendas and minutes page for the meeting of 28 May 2018.

An engineering design consultant is finalising the design and it is anticipated the construction of the pier will be tendered out in early 2019.