Hard Waste service discontinued

Council’s budget does not include a hard waste collection for the 2023/24 financial year.

After the most recent collection, where 95% of materials collected between February and April 2023 were sent directly to landfill, consideration whether a hard waste service aligns with our sustainability goals and strategic direction was required.

It was decided, by Council, that a hard waste service does not help meet our goals due to poor waste diversion, ballooning costs and the inability to find a suitable contractor who could perform collections efficiently and safely whilst championing waste diversion.

The priority now is to encourage reuse and a circular economy.

This decision aligns our approach to resource recovery services with the majority of southern Tasmania. We know this will be disappointing for some, but we want to be leaders in the sustainability space and will now focus investment on positive measures like partnerships with the Garage Sale Trail and other initiatives that encourage re-use and recycling.

Alternatives and options available to residents for the self-management of their waste materials include:

  • Online marketplaces (Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, eBay).
  • Local opportunity shops and charity organisations.
  • Garage sales.
  • Self-hauling materials to the local Transfer Station, Tip Shop or other permitted facility accepting waste material (Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station).
  • Other options*:
    • Skip bins and bulk waste pick-ups.
    • Handyperson and gardening services (collect and dispose materials).
    • Ute / trailer hire.
    • Additional kerbside bins (either through Council or private).
    • Online marketplaces (Airtasker).

*Please note Council cannot refer specific commercial operators to perform private services, please consider operators offering this type of service.

You can view Materials Accepted — Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station for recycling and waste disposal conveniently within our municipality,
Planet Ark – Planet Ark Recycling Near You or Council on (03) 6217 9500 for any of those difficult-to-recycle items.