Economic Development Plan

This document provides an economic development framework for Clarence and plan to guide management and activities for the period to 2021.

It focuses on how Clarence City Council can apply the tools it has at its disposal to facilitate improved economic performance and productivity within its key sectors to achieve its strategic objectives of “prosperity, vibrancy and sustainability”. This ensures that while the plan’s primary focus is economic, it also focuses on how economic development flows on to achieve social benefit in the context of an attractive, liveable and sustainable community.

The plan is action and futures oriented, it defines a range of key activities identified as important for the development of the sectors of the Clarence economy. The actions define how Clarence applies its strategies to each sector in a manner that reflects the current and preferred economic states within those sectors. The activities are prioritised in terms of importance and sequence.

These priorities create development pathways for each sector to form the basis of a detailed annual economic development plan.



Clarence City Council Economic Development Plan 2016 - 2021(2772 kb)

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