Seven Mile Beach Drainage and Groundwater

William C. Cromer Pty Ltd was engaged to report on groundwater at Seven Mile Beach and make recommendations to Council on actions to address and mitigate potential flooding due to groundwater table rise.  Mr Cromer has produced a report which further analyses groundwater levels and based on the findings in the report, Mr Cromer made a series of recommendations.  Council, as part of its 2012-13 Operating Plan, has set aside funds to implement these recommendations with the following specific works to be undertaken in the Seven Mile Beach Township this financial year;

In addition, Sloane Geoscience Pty Ltd was engaged to monitor the groundwater quality in the township; with particular emphasis on assessing any impacts from domestic wastewater systems.

A copy of both these reports are available to download below:

The details of the recommendations from Mr Cromer’s report “Groundwater Level Monitoring 4th Progress Report July 2012” along with Council’s response are shown in ATTACHMENT 1 - Groundwater Level Monitoring 4th Progress Report(10 kb).  As part of the original 2010 report there was a recommendation to undertake a benefit/cost analysis of permanent pump stations to lower ground water.  In order to determine if benefits would accrue it was necessary to obtain more data on the groundwater system and in particular how it responded to rainfall events.  Essentially the numerical groundwater model was developed to provide some additional certainty in determining which options will give the best result in terms of lowering groundwater during extreme events. 

Mr Cromer has now completed a further report “Seven Mile Beach Groundwater Level Monitoring 5th Progress Report, March 2013” which updates groundwater level monitoring results at Seven Mile Beach since June 2012.  The report details:

A separate accompaniment to Mr Cromer’s report is the “Seven Mile Beach Groundwater Model Report, February 2013” produced by Mark Hocking which describes the development of the Seven Mile Beach groundwater model. 

A copy of both these reports are available to download below:

In summary the findings of the latest monitoring and modelling reports are:

Following the development of the groundwater model and the finding that lowering of the Royal Hobart Golf Club soak via pumping is a cost effective means of lowering the groundwater level in the area most effected by flooding Council is now finalising the design details for the pump station and associated rising main from the Royal Hobart Golf Club soak to the Acton Creek tributary.  The works involve:

It is anticipated that works will commence in late April subject to weather and availability of plant and equipment to undertake the project.

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