Tranmere Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2011-2016

The Tranmere Coastal Reserve (the Reserve) is located on the eastern shore in Hobart, and encompasses an area of coastal reserve adjacent to residences along Tranmere Road, Tranmere. The Reserve is valued by locals for its scenic views, natural environment, recreational values and cultural heritage. It is currently managed by Clarence City Council (Council).

A Reserve Activity Plan was developed for the Reserve by Council in 2005, and included recommendations for weed control, revegetation activities and track maintenance. Tasflora has been engaged by Council to review and update the 2005 plan, including the development of an implementation plan identifying immediate and ongoing management priorities for the Reserve to be undertaken during the period 2011-2016.

The recommendations contained within this Tranmere Coastal Reserve Activity Plan are intended to provide guidance for on-ground activities that can be implemented by Council and/or volunteers (eg Tranmere - Clarence Plains Land and Coastcare Inc., the Rotary Club of Howrah, local residents). It is acknowledged that it may not be possible to undertake all recommended activities due to resource constraints; rather the intent of this plan is to provide a guide to management concepts and outcomes that could be implemented if sufficient funding can be obtained.

Download the Tranmere Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2011-2016 Tranmere%20Coastal%20Reserve%20Activity%20Plan%202011-2016 (9397 kb)