Meehan Skyline Trail and Stringy Bark Gully Track

The circuit includes the Meehan Skyline Trail which offers fantastic views of the Derwent and Wellington Range and Cambridge in the other direction while the dry sclerophyll forest of Stringy Bark Gully offers shady seclusion. It can be done in either direction but the notes describe a clockwise circuit.

From the carpark follow the old railway alignment to the park entrance. The Corkscrew Climb will take fit and experienced mountain bikers to the Meehan Skyline Trail while walkers can use the steep fire trail. Both are signed and meet near the top. Continue up the rocky and steep fire trail, past the Grassy Valley Fire Trail on your left until the Skyline Trail is reached. Take the first left then right after a short distance and follow the Clifftop Track, taking in the magnificent views, until it rejoins the Meehan Skyline Trail. Continue along the Skyline Trail to the intersection with Stringy Bark Gully Trail. Head down the gully alongside the Barilla Rivulet (dry in summer). At the bottom of the gully near Belbins Road are remnants of buildings used by the airforce during the Second World War as a secret bomb storage area.

Eventually pass through a gate, go along Belbins Road and turn on to the track beyond large boulders near the Cambridge Road intersection. Follow the track alongside the Tasman Hwy and return to the carpark.

The top section of Stringy Bark Gully track is rated black diamond (difficult) for mountain biking so riders may need to dismount. Walkers will need to be alert to mountain bikers using the steep section of the Stringy Bark Gully Track. Do not be alarmed if you hear gunshots as there is a gun club nearby.

Avoid getting too close to the edge of the Clifftop Track.


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