Charles Darwin Trail

Charles Darwin Trail mapThis walk follows the footsteps of Charles Darwin when he visited Hobart on the HMS 'Beagle' in 1836. Interpretive signs along the trail are based on the notes and observations that Darwin made during his day excursion to Hobart's eastern shore.

The route follows the coast between Kangaroo Bay and Howrah, then heads inland via local streets to Waverley Flora Park, before returning to the start at Kangaroo Bay. There are yellow stencils on footpaths and signage at intersections to assist with navigation on the trail.

Download a brochure or see the walk description below. The walk has been divided into five sections:

Section 1 - Kangaroo Bay to Bellerive Bluff (1.1km)

Difficulty rating: * Very easy - sealed path

Begin the walk at the Bellerive Boardwalk near the Clarence Hotel. An interpretive sign is located at the start of the trail. Follow the multi-user path south towards Kangaroo Bluff where a second interpretive sign is located just past Thomas Street. Keep walking around the Bluff to Bellerive Beach Park.

Section 2 - Bellerive Bluff to Second Bluff (1.9km)

Difficulty rating: ** Easy - unformed track, steps and beach walking

From the park go along Bellerive Beach until you reach the steps at the end of the beach which take you up onto Second Bluff. Alternatively follow the concrete Clarence Foreshore Trail Follow the gravel track around Second Bluff where a third interpretive sign is located by the Veronica Thorp Memorial Seat.

Section 3 - Second Bluff to Waverly Flora Park (3.4km)

Difficulty rating: ** Easy - some steps and beach walking

Continue following the path around the bluff to where timber steps lead down to Howrah Beach. Walk along Howrah Beach until you reach a concrete storm water outlet where a car park is located. Go through the carpark to Howrah Road.

Go north along Howrah Road, cross over Clarence St at the traffic signals and continue along Shoreline Drive. Turn left at the real estate office by the entrance to a housing development. Follow the path through Tilanbi Park and come out at Tilanbi Street. Go along Tilanbi Street and follow it to the end where it intesects with Ninabah Street.

Turn right at the end of Ninabah Street and go through the opening in the fence adjacent to the South Arm Highway which is an entrance to Waverly Flora Park.

Section 4 - Waverly Flora Park & Mornington Hill (3.1km)

Difficulty rating: *** Moderate -dirt track with some steep sections

From the entrance at the end of Ninabah Street a gravel path runs between the highway and the back fences of several houses and leads into Waverly Flora Park. The trail goes briefly along a transmission tower easement before a path to the left leads into bushland. Eventually the trail comes out at a crossroad. Continue in a straight line and head uphill.

Continue uphill until you reach another crossroad junction. Go straight ahead onto the narrow single track. Eventually you will come to an open area where you need to turn right and continue heading uphill. Follow this track until you see a reservoir on your left near the top of the rise. By the reservoir is a junction close to the back fences of some nearby houses. Turn left and follow the vehicle track which follows along the back fences of houses and becomes quite steep. Follow it around to the left until you come out at the top of Mornington Hill where a reservoir is located.

Continue along the track with the reservoir on your right until you come across a radio aerial by another track junction where a fourth interpretive sign has been mounted on a rock nearby. Take the track ahead of you (Mt Wellington is visible in distance) which starts to head downhill. A short distance along take the left fork (Mt Wellington will now be on your right). Continue along past the "culturally significant" remnants of a rusted Hillman car and veer right at the fork until you reach a T junction. Turn right and go downhill. Where the sandy track changes to gravel take the track on your right to the lookout over the Quarry. A fifth interpretive sign is located at the quarry lookout.

Return to the main track where you will come across a flagstone area and follow the track downhill until you reach a 6-track junction. At the junction take the straight ahead track which can be seen heading gently uphill in the distance. Stay on the main track until you reach the Mercedes Place entrance to Waverley Flora Park.

Section 5 - Waverly Flora Park to Kangaroo Bay (2.2km)

Difficulty rating: * Very easy - sealed path

Go along Mercedes Place to Lanena Street, cross over Balanara St until you reach Bayfield Street. Turn right at Bayfield Street and cross Cambridge Road at the traffic signals. Continue down Bayfield Street to Winkleigh Place. Turn left at Winkleigh Place and follow the road which veers right and left before coming out at Bligh Street. Go left at Bligh Street and cross over Rosny Rpad at the signals. Go along Kangaroo Bay Drive and make your way back to the start at Bellerive Boardwalk.