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Event to recognise Aboriginal landmark anniversaries

26 May 2017
Clarence City Council is hosting a special evening at Rosny Farm this Sunday, 28 May 2017 to recognise the important historical anniversaries of the 1967 Referendum (50 years) and the landmark Mabo decision in the High Court (25 years).

Changed traffic condition: Tasman Highway, Holyman Avenue approach

23 May 2017
Please be advised the Department of State Growth is arranging for the current ‘left lane ends’ merge to be replaced with zip-merge to improve traffic conditions and reduce driver frustration.

Website issues

23 May 2017
We are currently experiencing some difficulties with our website. Some documents are not loading, including applications for planning permits. These issues are expected to be resolved by the end of the day. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Howrah Road/Clarence Street intersection work

19 May 2017
The Australian Government has provided funds to improve the Howrah Road/Clarence Street slip lane at the Howrah Road/Clarence Street intersection under the 2016/17 blackspot program.

Whats On

An Even More Isolated Utopia by Miranda Rogers

Start Date: 02/06/2017
End Date: 25/06/2017

Plastic Animal by Gabbee Stolp

Start Date: 02/06/2017
End Date: 25/06/2017

Milan Milojevic – Wunderkammerama: The Opening

Start Date: 02/06/2017
End Date: 02/06/2017

Dark Mofo: Milan Milojevic – WUNDERKAMMERAMA

Start Date: 03/06/2017
End Date: 25/06/2017

Winter Warming Walk - Calvert's Beach to Seven Mile Beach

Start Date: 10/06/2017
End Date: 10/06/2017