Cycling and mountain biking


Riding a bike is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in Clarence. Cycling is a sociable activity enjoyed by people of all ages which enhances health and well-being and is environmentally-friendly.

Bike riders have the choice of a number of multi-use paths that offer scenic and comfortable cycling opportunities.

The Clarence Foreshore Trail is the most popular cycling trail in Clarence. Several sections between Geilston Bay and Tranmere have a hard, sealed surface and are suitable for all types of bicycles.

There are several shorter pathways dotted around the city, which are suitable for short bike rides. See Multi-use Paths & Cycleways for a list and description.

When using paths, keep left and give way to pedestrians. Ring your bell or call out 'passing' to alert walkers to your presence when overtaking.

For other rides and cycling information in the greater Hobart area see the CyclingSouth website.


Mountain Biking

There are growing opportunities for mountain bike riding in Clarence. The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service has a guide to ere are growing opportunities for mountain bike riding in Clarence. The Tasmanian Parks

minimal impact mountain biking to help protect riders and the environment. 

Simon French trying out the new Mountain Bike ParkMountain biking is permitted on the Tangara Trail. When encountering horses on the trail always give them right of way. Bicycles easily frighten some horses and a spooked horse is dangerous to you and its rider. Announce your presence by voice and give the horse plenty of room.


There are several trails where mountain bike riding is permitted:


Mountain Bike Park

Opened in 2009, the Clarence Mountain Bike Park offers a range of experiences for novice through to experienced mountain bikers.

The park is accessed from a car park off Flagstaff Gully Link Rd in Mornington (near the exit to the Tasman Highway) and entry is free.

The park includes dirt jumps and a small pump track.

Beginners will enjoy the Smooth as Butter Track and can progress to the XC loop which is an easy Intermediate track.

Fit riders can ride the Corkscrew Climb to the top of the Meehan Skyline Fire Trail and return via the Corkscrew Descent or the Grassy Valley downhill track.

There are 12km of trails within the park that links to other tracks in the Meehan Range Recreation Area via Belbins Road and the Meehan Skyline Fire Trail.

Clarence Mountain Bike Park Map 
















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