Climate Change Impacts on Clarence Coastal Areas

New report into Winter 2011 storm damage to Clarence beaches 

 Clarence City Council requested a report from the University of New South Wales Water Research Laboratory in response to these storm events.  Read the report and its recommendations here: Winter 2011 Storm Events - WRL Report storm%20event (2416 kb)

Climate Change Impacts on Clarence Coastal Areas

This project was initiated by Clarence City Council in response to Council and community concerns about erosion of beaches and flooding events in coastal areas. The project is supported by the State Emergency Service and the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change.

The project has been overseen by an Integrated Assessment Project Manager within Council supported by a Steering Committee with representatives of the Council, funding agencies and State Government agencies. A Technical Reference Panel has reviewed all reports.

The purpose of this study is to provide an integrated assessment of climate change risks on coastal areas which includes:

  • investigating community attitudes at the beginning of the project.
  • consulting with community groups, institutions, state government agencies re their awareness and response to climate change issues.
  • a review of the literature covering experience with similar issues elsewhere.
  • assessing 18 localities and infrastructure within Clarence City which may be vulnerable to coastal hazards, both at present and due to sea level rise and climate change into the future. Coastal hazards have been assessed for the present day, 2050 and 2100.
  • investigating adaptive management options in response to present and future coastal hazards.
  • preparing and executing a communication plan to inform the community of the findings, initiate discussion about the preferred response and report on community response.

The integrated report Climate Change Impacts on Clarence Coastal Areas brings together the findings of the project. Within the integrated report there are links to other supporting documents and some reference documents.

Download the final report, which includes the results of community consultation: Climate change impacts on Clarence coastal areas - Final Report - April 2009 Climate%20change%20impacts%20on%20Clarence%20coastal%20areas%20-%20Final%20Report%20-%20April%202009 (2351 kb)

Climate Change Impact Public Forums

Climate Change Impact Public Forums were held in Lauderdale and South Arm on Sunday 1 February and Tuesday 3 February 2009. If you would like to review the content presented, please click on the links below:

Clive Attwater (SGS Economics and Planning) - Project Outline and Policy and Planning Proposals

James Carley (UNSW Water Research Laboratory) - Climate Change, Coastal Hazards and Abatement Strategies in Clarence

Also see:

Frequently Asked Questions about Climate Change

Coastal pocesses, coastal hazards, climate change and adaptive responses for preparation of a coastal management strategy for Clarence City, Tasmania Coastal%20pocesses%20-%20coastal%20hazards%20-%20climate%20change%20and%20adaptive%20responses%20for%20preparation%20of%20a%20coastal%20management%20strategy%20for%20Clarence%20City%20Tasmania (952 kb) - Water Research Laboratory, University of New South Wales

Climate Change Impacts On Clarence Coastal Areas - Special Edition Newsletter Climate%20Change%20Impacts%20On%20Clarence%20Coastal%20Areas%20-%20Special%20Edition%20Newsletter (1052 kb)

For further information, please contact Clarence City Council.