Skate boarding

Skate boarding

Jumping a ramp at Rosny ParkClarendon Vale Skate Park
Mockridge Road, Clarendon Vale

Geilston Bay Skate Park
De Bomford Lane, Geilston Bay

Lauderdale Skate Park
South Terrace, Lauderdale

Richmond Skate Park
Victoria Street, Richmond

Risdon Vale Skate Park
Heather Road, Risdon Vale

Rokeby Skate Park
Neilson Park, Tollard Drive, Rokeby

Rosny Ramps
Kangaroo Bay Drive, Rosny Park

Seven Mile Beach Ramp
Lewis Avenue, Seven Mile Beach

Conditions of entry to skate parks in Clarence

It is a condition of your entry to these skate parks that:

  1. you use the facilities carefully,
  2. you wear protective safety equipment which complies with approved standards and that protects you from suffering an injury or causing someone else an injury. You should wear a fully protective safety helmet, protective clothing, knee and elbow padding,
  3. children under the age of 12 years are to be accompanied by an adult,
  4. you use the skate park at your own risk,
  5. you ensure that you only use a ramp or structure when that ramp or structure is not in use by someone else,
  6. you do not take alcohol or drugs into the skate park,
  7. you do not use bicycles on the ramps or structures,
  8. you do not bring animals into the skate park,
  9. you observe requirements of any signs in the skate park,
  10. you indemnify and hold harmless the Clarence City Council, its servants and agents against any claim, damages or any liability for negligence whatsoever which may be made against the Clarence City Council, or its servants or agents arising out of or in relation to your use of the skate park.