At a council meeting on 23 November 2020, Clarence City Council unanimously approved a Mobile Food Business in Public Places Policy which will allow the operation of mobile food businesses on public land.

The policy will be adopted for a 12-month trial basis and will govern the permit process to allow mobile food vendors to operate on council-owned or managed land.

The trial will include select locations including Cremorne Beach, Salacia Park, Seven Mile Beach Day Use Area 1, and South Street Dog Park.

The trial site locations have been selected based on a set of criteria including the health and wellbeing of the community, safety, existing business operations, food van vendor operations and land use.

Following the 12-month trial period, consultation will be undertaken with businesses, residents and food business venders to determine if it will become a permanent arrangement.

How to apply

In late 2020, council ran an initial expression of interest for mobile food businesses who wanted to take part in the trial.

Please contact council if you would like to complete an application during the 12-month trial period.

The application process is managed through the Mobile Food Business in Public Places Policy – 23 November 2020.