Council is currently planning upgrade works on Pass Road, Rokeby, between Glebe Hill Road and Connor Place. It is intended the upgrading work from Winterborne Road to Connor Place be undertaken in 2024-2025, subject to contractor availability, with these works to be followed by the upgrading work from Glebe Hill Road to Winterborne Road.

Council plans to improve and widen the road so that it is more suitable for the increased traffic and type of vehicles using the road. Additionally, a shared path is to be provided on the western side of Pass Road from Glebe Hill Road to Winterborne Road with allowance for a possible future shared path from Winterborne Road to Connor Place.

It has been identified during the design development the existing road and road reserve are very narrow, particularly given the need to provide an adequate road width (including traffic lanes and road shoulders) and for the associated drainage. The road widening will also require the relocation of some underground services and overhead power lines and poles.

This page will be updated throughout the project, however for additional information please contact council’s Project Manager Mark Painter on 03 6217 9734 or