As a place of public assembly, Blundstone Arena is already zoned a smoke-free area, including areas outside the arena such as entrances, air intakes and playground areas.

Clarence City Council hopes that the expansion of these smoke-free areas into one cohesive area will improve the amenity of the area and remove any confusion regarding which areas are or aren’t smoke-free.

The council will undertake consultation with nearby property owners and residents in Derwent, Church and Beach Streets adjacent to the playgrounds, users of the park, local businesses and Cricket Tasmanian to determine community views on the expansion of the smoke-free zones.

“It would be a great result for the community, users of parks, beach and the arena to have a smoke free environment and it would greatly improve the amenity of the area”, said Mayor Chipman.

The proposed smoke-free area is a 6.44ha block of land located within the intersection of Derwent, Church and Beach Streets, and bounded by Bellerive Beach.