It’s the third year YNAG and the Warrane Mornington Neighbourhood Centre have handed out the bags to Loui’s Van for distribution in Clarence to help young people experiencing homelessness in the city.

Mayor of Clarence, Alderman Doug Chipman said Council was pleased to support this initiative.

“Today is an important day to recognise the challenges young people face in finding stable housing,” Mayor Chipman said.

“I commend YNAG, the Warrane Mornington Neighbourhood Centre, as well as members of the community who have provided financial support and assistance with putting together these bags.”

Demi Smith, a member of YNAG, said the bags will provide much needed supplies for those experiencing homelessness in the community.

“At the beginning of last year, YNAG recognised that homelessness is a critical issue affecting people aged 12-25 and that we should work towards helping fix it,” said Demi.

“Homelessness is not a foreign subject for YNAG because many of our members have experienced it firsthand, which is very heartbreaking, but it gives us as a group an insight and how important it is to support people who are going through this situation.

“Everyone has the power to make a difference in society by standing up, raising your voice and deciding that you want to stop homelessness.”

During the past year, YNAG has taken part in the Hidden Others Short Film Competition to raise awareness of youth homelessness. YNAG has also attended symposiums and education sessions on youth homelessness to better understand the issue and what young people need.