What can go in a recycling bin?

  • Unbroken glass bottles/jars (lids and caps removed)
  • Uncrushed aluminium cans and clean foil trays
  • Uncrushed steel cans including empty aerosol, empty or dried paint tins and clean pet food cans
  • Cleaned, non-flattened cartons (lids and caps removed)
  • Cleaned, non-flattened plastic containers with the triangle symbol 1-7
  • Clean cardboard (boxes to be torn into pieces and slid down the sides of the bin)
  • Clean newspaper, junk mail and office paper

Do not put recycling items in plastic bags or tie in bundles.

What can’t go in a recycling bin?

  • Nappies
  • Syringes and other medical matter
  • Facial tissues, waxed paper, paper towel, and/or carbon paper
  • Plastic bags
  • Meat trays or foam trays
  • Squeeze-tube toothpaste and squeeze-tube shampoo containers
  • Polystyrene or foam
  • Cling-film
  • Plant pots or trays
  • Cigarette cartons/packets
  • Soiled cardboard food boxes
  • Drinking glass, window glass, light bulbs or broken glass
  • Ceramics, pottery, cookware or crockery
  • Clothing or shoes
  • Rubbish or other garden or household waste
  • Mirrors or window glass, light globes and sheet glass
  • Poison bottles
  • Motor oil, acid, solvent or chemical containers – these need to be taken to the Mornington Transfer Station
  • Asbestos
  • Items for reuse i.e. for charity

Why do bottle caps need to be removed?

Tops from bottles need to be removed and placed in your garbage bin as they are too small to be picked up by the factory sorting machine. If they are left on the bottle they can cause issues for the sorting machines that use air to sort the items. Bottles with tops left on may also explode from a build-up of pressure once they are compacted into bales. This can cause the bale to break, needing to be rebounded.

Where does recycling go once collected?

All material collected from recycling bins goes to the SKM Recycling Materials Recovery Facility, in Derwent Park and becomes SKM’s property upon delivery to manage. At the SKM facility the recycled materials are sorted into the individual specific materials, compacted and then sent to Australian and overseas buyers to be made into new products.

What to do with excess recycling

Rate payers can request a larger bin or an extra bin for an additional service fee. Please call us on 03 6217 9690 to arrange. Alternatively residents may take any excess recycling to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station. The cost of disposal of this excess recycling will depend on the quantity you deliver.