TasWater will be closing the Lauderdale water filling station from Monday 25 July through to Tuesday 16 August 2022 to allow for safety upgrades to the site.

These works will be undertaken by Clarence City Council, including the repair of potholes and improved vehicle access while also upgrading the drainage on site.

While the site is closed to facilitate the works, the nearest water filling point is situated at Maxwell Road in Cambridge, next to Tasmania Fire Service.

TasWater are supporting council as they aim to complete these works by 16 August, however weather conditions may impact the timing of completion.

Any changes to the timeline will be communicated at the earliest convenience and we thank the community for their patience while these essential works are completed.

For further information on how to access water during the closure at Lauderdale, please see advice below that is tailored depending on your existing customer arrangements.

If you have any questions about the closure of the filling station, please contact the Community Engagement Team at TasWater on 13 6992 or email communityengagement@taswater.com.au.

To speak directly with Clarence City Council about the works, please call council on 03 6217 9500.


Information for fill station users

There are three customer categories that use the TasWater filling station at Lauderdale. The following information will help you identify which type of access you currently have and what you will need to do if you wish to access another TasWater filling station during the closure.

Customers with prepaid electronic keys

Current access
These customers arrange credit to be issued to their prepaid electronic key via AVDATA Australia as required. Prepaid electronic keys usually start with the number ‘5’.
Customers use the general public water filling station located on the right-hand side of the entrance of the Lauderdale site.

How to access other filling stations
Your prepaid electronic key can be used at multiple sites via the AVDATA portal at www.avdata.com.au/login
If your prepaid electronic key is accessing more than one location, the credit assigned to a particular water filling station will not be able to be used at another water filling station.
You will have to maintain a separate prepaid credit balance at each location that you wish to use.
The AVDATA portal will provide you with the credit balances for each location. You can also use the
AVDATA portal to confirm payment transfer.
Any issues with login or the electronic key can be directed to AVDATA Australia on (02) 6262 8111.

Customers with electronic key accounts

Current access
Electronic key accounts are assigned to water carters, or larger users and typically start with the numbers ‘2’ or ‘9’. These customers receive monthly statements from AVDATA Australia and do not need to recharge their electronic key.
Water carters have access to the water filling station located on the left-hand side of the entrance of the Lauderdale site (signage states ‘Water Carters Only’).

How to access other filling stations
Your electronic key can be used at any TasWater water filling station. AVDATA will itemise usage from each water filling station on their statement.

Customers who do not have an electronic key

Current access
These customers are water carters that have access to a private water filling point at Lauderdale and do not have an electronic key.
How to access other filling stations
If you require an electronic key to use at other TasWater water filling stations, you will need to fill out the appropriate application form, available at www.taswater.com.au
Once we receive your application, we will assign and process your electronic key and advise AVDATA Australia, who will activate your electronic key.