Council will consider a request by Chambroad for an extension of time to the buy-back option for land at Kangaroo Bay to allow it to consult with our community on a new proposal, alongside a number of notices of motion regarding the buy-back option and community consultation at its meeting on Monday night.

Council’s option to buy-back the land at the Kangaroo Bay Development site is valid until 12 April 2023 and Chambroad has requested extending that option by one or two months, to allow it the time to provide feedback following consultation with the community on its modified development proposal, tabled at council’s 19 December 2022 meeting.

Along with this request, Council will also consider several Notices of Motion in relation to exercising the buy-back option within the current Sale and Development Agreement as well as further consultation via council’s ‘Your Say’ platform.

Details of Chambroad’s request, the Chief Executive Officer’s recommendation and Councillor’s Notice of Motions are outlined in the meeting agenda, made available today.

The recommendation from officers on the extension request is that Council:

  1. Notes the request from Chambroad Overseas Investment Australia Pty Ltd (“Chambroad”), dated 5 January 2023, seeking an extension of time to the Sale and Development Agreement (“SDA”) buy-back option so that Chambroad can undertake further community consultation on its modified development proposal.
  1. Refuses the request for an extension of time dated 5 January 2023 and requests that Chambroad present its initial consultation findings and refinements to its Concept Design as originally proposed no later than 6 March 2023, after which time council may consider whether an extension for further consultation has merit.
  2. Authorise the Chief Executive Officer to facilitate an invite to participants in the recent City Heart Project consultation process to participate in the Kangaroo Bay Hotel consultation process proposed by Chambroad.

Clarence City Council Mayor Brendan Blomeley said the development of Kangaroo Bay was a project of strategic importance for the City and he was looking forward to Monday night’s discussion.

“We know there is significant community interest in this important project and the extension request debate and Notices of Motion on the agenda will again allow our community to understand the complexity of the decisions in front of council right now,” Mayor Blomeley said.

“Monday night will provide an opportunity for all voices to be heard and I am looking forward to it.”

Council’s meeting will be held on Monday, 16 January at 7pm. Members of the public can register to attend on council’s website, or livestream via the link on council’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

The agenda can be viewed here.