From Friday 20 December 2019, an area surrounding and including Blundstone Arena in Bellerive will be classified as a smoke free zone in accordance with the Public Health Act 1997.

The decision follows community consultation that indicated strong support for the smoke free area.

The declaration of this area as a smoke-free zone will help protect the health of people using the park and other recreation facilities surrounding Blundstone Arena from exposure to tobacco smoke and vapour from e-cigarettes, as well as contribute to the de-normalising of smoking.

As a place of public assembly, Blundstone Arena is already zoned a smoke-free area, including areas outside the arena such as entrances, air intakes and playground areas.

Similarly, smoking is currently not permitted within 10 metres of play equipment.

This expansion of the smoke-free areas creates one cohesive area to not only improve the amenity of this space but also remove any confusion regarding which areas are or aren’t smoke-free.

The complete site is bounded by the intersections of Derwent, Church and Beach streets and Bellerive Beach.

The permanent site, includes Bellerive Beach Park (including children and adult play/exercise facilities), Bellerive Oval (Blundstone Arena), the adjacent roads, footpaths on both sides of the roads, carpark off Derwent Street and to the high tide line of the dog free area of Bellerive Beach.

The permanent, declared site is shown shaded blue on the map below.

The extension of Church Street is declared smoke free only during large events where there are 3,000 or more people in attendance at Blundstone Arena, as shown shaded in orange.

The smoke free area will be patrolled by council officers whose main task will be educating smokers about where they can and can’t smoke.