Canine coronavirus has been reported across Greater Hobart in recent days with some cases presenting to a local veterinarian.

The South Street Dog Park in Bellerive may be a ‘hot spot’ for the virus, as well as other dog exercise areas across Hobart.

Canine coronavirus has been present for a long time before this flare-up and is not related to COVID-19.

The Clarence City Council will install signage at the South Street Dog Park advising that canine coronavirus may be present, asking park users to immediately clean up after their dog and not to use the facility if their dog has been unwell in the past six weeks.

The majority of animal-related coronaviruses infect the intestinal tract and are transmitted by a fecal-oral route. Dogs can still spread this virus amongst themselves up to six weeks after becoming unwell but veterinarians have advised canine coronavirus is not transmittable to humans.

The canine virus will present as severe diarrhea and dogs may appear unwell or off their food. It is likened to a bad dose of gastro in humans.

City of Clarence Mayor Alderman Doug Chipman asked dog owners if their dog appears unwell to not take the animal out in public and to consult a vet.

He said during this time dog owners should be extra vigilant about cleaning up after their pet.

“Please do not enter our dog park, or public dog exercise areas, if your dog appears unwell. All dog faeces needs to be collected, bagged and disposed of immediately to prevent the spread,” he said.