Major works are set to be undertaken in Bellerive in September 2023 to improve stormwater drainage. 

These critical works will aim to reduce the depth and frequency of flooding in occurred in the Douglas, Beach, and South Streets areas of Bellerive.  

Previously in this area, roads and private properties have been inundated during heavy rainfall. 

During the works, stormwater pipes in the street will be replaced with larger-diameter pipes to allow for better drainage.  

Additional connecting pipework and roadside grates will also be installed to improve the capture of flood waters.  

Included in the works:  

  • Critical upgrades to stormwater infrastructure between Clarence Street (opposite the veterinary clinic), along Douglas Street and lower Beach Street, across the sand dunes to a new outfall into the River Derwent. 
  • Sewer relocation in Beach Street.  
  • Connecting pipework in South Street and Luttrell Avenue.  

Council has engaged civil contractor BlackCap to construct the stormwater upgrade, and they will directly contact any residents who will be impacted by the works and provide detailed information to those residents on the timing of works. 

At this stage, the works are scheduled to commence in approximately September 2023, with the possibility of some investigation and minor works being undertaken before this. 

Due to these works, there will be some unavoidable disruption to traffic, parking, and property access at times. BlackCap will work with those affected to reduce the impact as much as feasible. 

This page will be updated throughout the project, however for additional information please contact council’s Project Manager Hannah Atkins on 6217 9723 or