An amendment to the Southern Tasmanian Regional Land Use Strategy through expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary, will be considered by Clarence City Council at a Special Council Meeting on Monday night.

The proposed expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is to allow for the progression of the Skylands Masterplan proposal, with the proponent requesting the amendment to the peninsula – extending from Tranmere to Rokeby, around Droughty Point (comprising around 310ha of land) – to allow for an additional urban area of around 58ha, above the current UGB.

The Master Plan identifies this area will comprise of six walkable neighbourhoods based around ‘activity centres’, it would also provide for 108ha of open space, including a 57ha nature reserve/parkland along the ridgeline, revegetated green connectors between the park and a 22ha reserve around the shoreline.

While Droughty Point is zoned for future urban growth, this application to amend the UGB is for the development to extend to a higher point on the hill than the UGB currently sits.

If council votes in favour of supporting the expansion of the UGB on Monday night, the Minister for Planning would be requested to approve the UGB amendment – only the Minister can approve or amend a regional strategy.

If council’s request is approved, a planning scheme amendment would then be required in order to allow development of the land.

The planning scheme amendment would involve the refinement of the master plan into a site-specific set of planning and design standards and would be subject to further public consultation, in accordance with statutory requirements.

The agenda can be viewed here.