Timtumili Minanya (the River Derwent) was central to the Mumirimina people whose Country extended from Pittwater to piyura kitina (Risdon Cove).  

Mussels and oysters were abundant, and a major source of food. The remains of many feasts are evident in the middens (living places) all along the shores of the river. In fact, mussels are still plentiful along the rocks around the headland.  

The Derwent River conditions were so favourable, that whales in large numbers were also a regular sight on the river during their migration south. Canoes were used to cross Timtumili Minanya and for hunting purposes, trade and travel. 

A rock shelter just above the shore on the headland provided a perfect vantage point, with uninterrupted views up and down the river, and across to the western shore; and of course, the omnipresence of the beautiful and sacred Kunanyi.  

Imagine a family sitting in the rock shelter sharing the warmth of a fire, feasting on the bounty of milaythina minanya (river country) and relaying stories of the Ancestors. 


Timtumili Minanya – Milaythina Minanya  

miri + taralangkana kipli mapali

maytawinya mapali lakapawa Timtumili Minanya-ta nara tapilti south

Kunanyi – takamuna rrala; milaythina paliti


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