Following the 1 October deadline for substantial commencement at the Arm End site, Council sought advice on whether substantial commencement had been achieved.

On Monday, 19 December, Council received legal advice confirming the proponent’s submission that substantial commencement has been achieved.

This was achieved through the significant weed control work undertaken on the site which was a condition in the permit.

Clarence City Council Mayor Brendan Blomeley said it was clear a lot of work had gone into the project to get it to this point, and he was excited to see the development come to fruition.

“This, along with the Seven Mile Golf Course will put our city on the golfing tourism map, bringing people from across the world to our shores,” Mayor Blomeley said.

Golfing tourism attracts around 23,000 visitors to our state each year, with this number expected to grow significantly in the next five to ten years. This course will further diversify our golf experience offered in the city and will give our community a bigger bite of that cherry.”

This advice is legal and confidential in nature, and therefore Council cannot elaborate any further on this matter at this time.