Geilston Bay Recreation Area, Geilston Bay Boat Club, Debomfords Ln, Geilston Bay TAS 7015, Australia

Welcome to the takara limuna  (Sheoak Walk) 

Our Ancestors came here to rest, gather mussels and oysters; hunt birds and animals; to hold ceremony and repair or make stone tools for sharpening spears or to strike fire; scraping and skinning; and a place to collect grasses to make baskets.  

takara limuna is palawa kani for Sheoak Walk; it is named for the limuna (sheoak trees) which have been part of this landscape for as long as her people’ – Theresa Sainty + Zoe Rimmer 

Accessed via the Shag Bay Track and set across 700 metres along the headland of Bedlam Walls, the takara limuna walking trail features a viewing platform, a central firepit and gathering circle, and five interpretation panels written and researched by Aboriginal Cultural Practitioners Theresa Sainty and Zoe Rimmer with translations and audio recordings in palawa kani. The trail is illustrated with artworks by Allan Mansell and panels designed by Alex Miles.  

The name of the trail is taken from palawa kani and refers to the limuna (sheoak tree) which are endemic to the Bedlam Walls Reserve. Embedded into each of the panels are QR codes which link to audio recordings in palawa kani so that track users can listen to the interpretation in a Tasmanian Aboriginal language. 

This enlightening trail honours the stories, history and culture of the Mumirimina people, who have cared for Country since time immemorial, and pays homage to the continuing connection of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people to their Country, culture, and community today. 

This project was made possible through collaborative funding between the Clarence City Council and the Tasmanian Government’s Election Funding Commitment Grants round.

takara limuna pronounced tah-kara lee-mu-nah 



Walking only trail. 

This is an easy walk for families, with panoramic views of the Derwent River throughout the length of the walk.






Under effective control (Please obey signage. Effective control means your dog is in close proximity, in line of sight, immediately responds to your voice command. If not, keep your dog on lead.)


Getting there and parking 

Park at the end of DeBomford Lane in Geilston Bay Regional Park, cross the bridge over Geilston Creek and follow the track along the edge of Geilston Creek Road to where the main track begins at Sarean Court. The track is mostly flat but slightly undulating.

takara limuna trail is access via the Shag Bay Track in the Bedlam Walls Reserve.



In the colonial era, this land was part of Thomas Gregson’s extensive landholdings which ran from Risdon Vale to Kangaroo Point. Following Gregson’s death in 1874 much of the land was sold off as smaller farms. This area was farmed well into the 20th century by the Langdon and Russell families who planted orchards here. Some of the trees on the reserve are survivors from those orchards. 

In 1890 a ‘bone mill’ was built in neighboring Shag Bay. The mill took waste such as rotten fish, butchers’ refuse, dead animals, blood and offal and turned it into tallow and manure. In 1910 the factory began processing sanitary waste from New Town, Glenorchy and Sandy Bay. This continued until 1915, when a boiler exploded, setting the whole factory ablaze and killing the manager, George Russell and his son William. 

Also of note in Shag Bay is the wreck of the Nelson, once the pride of the British Navy. Launched from the Woolwich Dockyard in 1814, the Nelson was a 126-gun ship of the line which never fired a shot in anger. In 1920, the Nelson was towed into Shag Bay where, over the next ten years, it was broken up for scrap.