Green Waste

What can go in a green waste bin?

You can place garden items only (no food scraps) and raw timber and small logs no larger than 10cm x 50cm in your green waste bin.

Where does green waste go once collected?

All green waste collected is taken to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station where it is processed into a range of re-usable materials including mulch and compost.

What to do with excess green waste

Rate payers can request an extra green waste bin for an additional service fee by calling us on 03 6217 9500. Alternatively residents may take any excess green waste to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station. The cost of disposal of this excess green waste will depend on the quantity you deliver.

Who receives green waste collection?

Green waste collection is a compulsory service for all residential properties in urban areas, including those with up to three units. Green waste is an optional service for residential properties with four or more  units. Green waste collection service is not available in rural areas. Please contact council on 03 6217 9500 if you require further information about green waste collection.