Following the recent ‘poor’ rating of water quality levels at Howrah Beach as part of the Derwent Estuary Program’s Water Quality Annual Report, Clarence City Council has begun intensive investigations into possible causes for the contamination and has implemented several initial recommendations.

Clarence City Council has worked with the Derwent Estuary Program and the Department of Health to develop and install advisory signage indicating which section of Howrah Beach is affected.

A dedicated Stormwater Investigations Officer commenced work in August and will work closely with the Derwent Estuary Program and TasWater while leading council’s Howrah Beach investigation.

Council has also engaged founder of the Derwent Estuary Program Dr Christine Coughanowr as a consultant, who has provided an initial data review and recommendations for primary focuses for the ongoing investigation.

Council’s investigation will continue to progress with an in-depth review of current and historical data, the collection of new data through sand and groundwater sampling, and further investigation of possible contaminant sources.