Clarence City Council rejected a request by Chambroad for an extension of time to the buy-back option for land at Kangaroo Bay to allow it to consult with the community on a new proposal, at its meeting last night.

Council’s option to buy-back the land at the Kangaroo Bay Development site is valid until 12 April 2023, with Chambroad last week requesting to extend that option by one or two months, to allow it the time to provide feedback following consultation with the community on its modified development proposal, tabled at Council’s 19 December 2022 meeting.

Along with this request, Council also considered several Notices of Motion in relation to exercising the buy-back option within the current Sale and Development Agreement as well as further consultation via Council’s ‘Your Say’ platform.

Two Notices of Motion were carried, one authorising the CEO to initiate the buy-back process in accordance with the terms set out in the Sale and Development Agreement, while providing Chambroad with the opportunity to publicly consult on its Modified Development proposal, incorporating the Kangaroo Bay land into the City Heart project scope, and the other requesting further consultation with the community on what should happen with the land via Council’s ‘Your Say’ platform.

Details of Chambroad’s request, the Chief Executive Officer’s recommendation and Councillor’s Notice of Motions are outlined in the meeting agenda, available online.

Clarence City Council Mayor Brendan Blomeley said the development of Kangaroo Bay was a project of strategic importance for the City and while it has been a long time coming, Council should not act in haste now.

“We are acutely aware of the time invested in this project to date, but that does not mean we should rush to a decision now and commit to the option in front of us just because it’s the only one on the table,” Mayor Blomeley said.

“Chambroad have had sufficient time to consult with the community and it is disappointing they have fallen short of their commitments, given the previous extensions that Council has provided. They still have time to demonstrate community support prior to the buy-back deadline but we are not prepared to give them another extension. It’s long past time for them to step up, or step away.”