The agenda for Clarence City Council’s meeting on Monday, 20 March was released today containing a report on two community consultations recently undertaken on the future of the Kangaroo Bay Hotel site.

Following decisions at meetings on 19 December 2022 and 23 January 2023 Council and Chambroad undertook separate consultations on the site: Chambroad focusing on its modified development proposal and council asking its community general questions on the future use of the site and the buy-back option in its current agreement with Chambroad.

The report outlines the results of both consultations which used significantly different methodologies, with Council’s consultation showing strong support for initiating the buy-back clause and Chambroad reporting majority support across the region for its modified development proposal.

Following review of both sets of consultation results and subsequent presentations, officers have recommended an extension of time to the SDA buy-back clause of approximately one month to allow the community an opportunity to see the changes proposed by Chambroad in response to the consultations, to allow the consultation feedback loop to be closed and to see what response, if any, comes from the community based on their review of the changes made to the design and concept.

Given council’s strategic investment of time and effort on this project over 15 years, it was considered appropriate by officers to provide the Clarence community with the opportunity to see the results of the consultation, the changes being proposed and to provide further feedback on those changes.  This will assist council to decide whether there is enough support and confidence to proceed with a modified development or, in the alternative, to proceed with the buy-back.

Clarence City Council Mayor Brendan Blomeley said the project was significant for the city.

“This is an important site in our city, one that is important to get right, and I look forward to the debate on Monday night.”

The report will be considered on Monday night with the meeting starting at 7pm and live streamed as usual.

The full agenda report is available here.